Indiana | LA | SF | Portland, OR
Hi! I'm Lillyanne Pham.
I grew up in Columbus, Indiana where I endlessly drove on back country roads, hung out in cemeteries, and performed spoken word with poems about being raised by Vietnamese refugees. 
I thought I wanted to be a journalist for a long time; however, my experiences with community engagement, grassroots activism, and restorative justice on the West Coast changed my relationship to storytelling.
Now, I am learning and practicing ways to simultaneously work with creative expression and direct action – from community organizing to collective healing.
Self-taught digital illustrator, designer, and media strategist 
with a B.A. in Sociology, Reed College '20​​​​​​​

I drew this illustration for an art show called, "What is Freedom?" curated by Everyday, a skate shop in SF. The text is part of my poetry collection called, "Raised by Refugees": Sisters with raised by refugees tattooed on the back of the neck behind like the past close enough to make us – last. On the right corner, chanh (chị/big sister + anh/brother) pays homage to the queer movement in Viet America. (July 2019)

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