This website was handwritten by me

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as part of my mfa program at portland state university, i had the space to explore the meaning and purpose of my website. i wanted it to be a space to archive my work and i knew i wanted to make it myself. so, i taught myself how to use html, css, and java within two months at the start of 2022. if you look at my page source (right click then click page source), you can see how i made my website, who i credit, who i acknowledge, and the carbon footprint of my website. my website design is intentional. as my professor Lisa Jarrett stated during my student time review, my website shows what i know. if i can't write the language for a certain visual website asethetic then i won't do it. furthermore, i wanted my website to be a room to sit in for those who visit and for myself to garden in alongside those who inspired me to learn how to make my website and take control over tech as much as i know how to. as someone who grew up in the tumblr age and the rise of apple, i was always naturally curious and drawn to tech. tech is scary and dangerous. but i find power in understanding how some of it works and creating and finding pockets to fill with experimenting, future dreaming, and fostering relationships.