Admin and Marketing Coordinator 2018-2020
Manage social media platforms
and website 
Send weekly campus listserv
Produce marketing content
Design event posters
Curate on-campus advertisement displays
Organize with community partners...
Liberation Literacy 2019
APANO 2019
Asians4BlackLives 2018
Logo Designs
Goal: Stray away from SEEDS being associated only with environmental justice because of its name. Represent SEEDS as an intersectional organization.

SEEDS Logo for 2018-19

SEEDS Logo for 2019-20

Meet SEEDS Videos
Goal: Familiarize the public with the work of SEEDS and attract volunteers.
Poster Design Highlights
Social Media Content Highlights
SEEDS Program Brochure Design
Farewell Design
An illustration of my supervisor as a child made into a card for the staff to sign and our collective scrapbook cover page.
An illustration to wish my supervisor the best of luck in their journey after they left SEEDS.
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